Speaking of temporal revision, I seem to have encountered another.  I've gotten used to the telepaths and propheciers planting messages or implied messages wherever I'll happen encounter them, and the context and meaning won't appear recognizable at the time because I won't have the context yet.  Once I do have the context, the implication becomes evident.

Something like this happened a week or so again.  They seemed to be making an effort to express, 'We're loyal, and maybe there's more good we can do for the cause by not living up to standards and presenting as 'the other guys'.'  I encountered it on multiple occasions, among which was in the media regarding a literal White House member leaving their position as staff.  And I remember thinking it was odd at the time, but inferred that it was doubtless as "absurd" as anything else 'the other guys' would imply from a meaningless counter-Divine Will position.

That assessment would appear to be quite accurate, even once I have the context.  The fallacy can be easily dispelled by rephrasing their implication in a context with more Divine Will clarity:

'Suppose there's more Divine Will-aligned good we, the telepaths and propheciers, can do by rejecting Divine Will standards and our own True Nature, acting against them both, manifesting oodles of 'suckage' and a complex scenario of franchises behaving on a counter-Divine Will basis and doing likewise.  Then we could teach the People, while behaving in an invalid manner, and dismantle the franchises at a later date.'

As you can see, this implication is an investment in yet another argument which attempts to rationalize a counter-Divine Will position and quite a lot of 'suckage'.  Put more simply, 'Maybe we can manifest Divine Will by acting in diametric opposition with Divine Will.'  Which is the fallacy inherent in many religions, actually.  They attempt to reconcile an "absurd" yet manifest disparity of 'Divine Will and something else' to explain what's manifest around us and in so doing they've chucked out the absolutes.

They know this, and I know this.  I'm making sure others do as well.

I've encountered this argument before.  In the Christian mythos there's a certain animal exemplifying the 'Adversarial' position, and the symbolism of that animal also describes it as a 'teacher'.  Or it would, if a counter-Divine Will position didn't invalidate what was said on that basis.

Ah well.  It does serve to illustrate something else, at least.  That a counter-Divine Will position is inherently non-credible, having jettisoned alignment with the very things necessary for credibility: Divine Will, and True Nature.

Which is a significant part of why I have no use for it, and knowing Divine Will principles as they do, neither do the telepaths and propheciers.  There's nothing desirable they can achieve from that manifest position that they couldn't achieve from a valid and worthwhile Divine Will position, and even if they could they wouldn't sincerely want to.  Neither do I.  More 'common ground', resulting from Divine Will principles.

As the Babylonian occultists might put it, 'There aren't really two sides to this.'  Which makes it all the sillier for the telepaths and propheciers to manifestly behave as if there were.  The notion that My interests, or anyone elses', could be served by jettisoning True Nature and a Divine Will-aligned basis is to misconstrue what someones' interests are.  Our sincere interests, our actual desires, can only derive from our True Nature which itself derives from Divine Will.  For people who understand this, attempts to set those at odds against each other can hardly succeed.

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