As I lack an abundance of free time I'm going to multitask, 'venting' while I clarify.

I've recently had 'the other guys' manifestly attempting to imply the usual assorted plethora of things with Me behind quite a lot of counter-Divine Will symbolism; when they're not attempting to startle Me with messages intended to be easily misinterprable as disincarnation threats, they've been trying figuratively to perform fellatio on Me, seeking to cozy up to Me while retaining a counter-Divine Will basis with the result that their position looks alright until you examine it further... at which point it's found to be just as unworthy as any other counter-Divine Will position.

I should probably emphasize that it's not 'the other guys'' rank and file personnel who seem to be manifestly responsible for this per se, but instead the telepaths and propheciers.  I know it's the T&P's handiwork because not only is this agenda manifesting in the present media, it's also been showing up retroactively in older media that I happen to go back and revisit it currently.  I'm refraining from citing that older media here to avoid being misinterpreted due to its other symbolic content.  I do find it mildly interesting that the T&P have manifestly Chosen to address Me now via 'their' ostensibly Jesuit media personnel, layering it in along with the various other agendas 'the other guys' have been manifestly perpetrating here in realtime.  But the whole effect of all this 'nicey talk' while they're still manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis is like a sort of 'Miss Piggy' approach, with all the sincerity, the steadiness, and the reliable basis that implies.

'Satori, we're close with you.  Really, we are.  And we taught you all that Divine Will principles information ourselves, so you know we know it and thus we must want it, and therefore we're of the same mindset, we're reliable, and we're acting in your best, Divine Will-oriented interests.'  That's the basic motif, accompanied by the now-usual tropes of, 'Look past all the counter-Divine Will stuff and get to our truer meaning; just disregard all this well-below-standards behavior and Choices on our part', 'Because we're united due to a shared desire to affirm Divine Will principles, focus on that unity, disregard all the rest, and Work with us!', along with various disrespectful implied messages and imagery including recurring reminders that they're constantly encroaching on My right to privacy by actually responding to my silent thought processes as they transpire.

So I'm going to reiterate and simplify: Yes, we're all, in the True State of Creation, in literal spiritual unity with regard to our True Natures due to a shared alignment with Divine Will principles.  Their manifest and ongoing Choice to invest in counter-Divine Will positions, efforts, organizations and scenarios is the Choice to manifestly reject that basis of unity.  It's rather like having someone with whom you're intimately romantically involved tell you flatly and repeatedly how much they adore you, they want to be involved in the relationship even more intensely, and this all while they're actively becoming more distant from you and transgressing against the relationship itself, completely reneging on it.  Divine Will is the basis of any true 'unity', and particularly the True Nature we all have which derives from that.  Every investment of Will, time, effort and other resources in an agenda which manifestly rejects that necessarily is the Choice to manifest separation; to reject that inherent 'unity' and frequently to actively oppose it.  Neither 'party' truly wants that, but this doesn't make the manifest resultants any more worthwhile nor functional.

It's precisely because of their True Nature, and because they also want to live in alignment with Divine Will, that living on a basis counter to it is precluded.  That this hasn't been manifestly so doesn't make it any less true.  It just means that while it hasn't been manifestly so, while we endure a temporal sequence of events in which it wasn't manifestly so, they're manifestly occupying a position lacking the foundational basis of integrity to be properly 'heard', let alone Worked alongside.  Because when someone begins with something that's spurious, whatever process results from that is naturally also going to be at least as spurious for that reason.

So I'm not interested in what they have to say while on such a position, and it's precisely because that position isn't truly them.  It disregards the mutually-understood Divine Will principles, and that necessarily makes it irrelevant to their own True Nature.  It does however frequently result in rights violations and other manifest transgressions while they haven't retroactively corrected it, and so very nearly their every investment in such a position manifestly compounds their rogue Choice and their crimes.  So their presentations become merely applicable as manifest evidence of same.

In addition, they have manifestly reneged on the whole prerequisite basis I established as the condition necessary to Work with them: A faithfulness to Myself and to Divine Will principles.  By their own covert admission this is manifestly lacking and has been for some time.  While this remains uncorrected in the manifest temporal sequence of events, anywhere, we manifestly continue to have a necessarily renegade set of telepaths and propheciers.

I'll also throw in that the trope of, 'It's because you're noticing all this counter-Divine Will stuff rather than looking past it that's the problem.  You know it's not valid, so dismiss it and glean what you can from the rest of it.' doesn't work.  The dysfunctionality we manifestly encounter due to the collective investment in a counter-Divine Will principles position is not caused by My Choice of how to regard or interpret their words, symbols, imagery and behavior.  And for Me to accept such Choices in inherent conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature by overlooking them would be doing the very opposite of both My duty to affirm Divine Will and My own True Nature.

In short, while they're manifestly on a counter-Divine Will position they have nothing to say, or rather, in truth they're saying nothing meaningful.  Often however we find that what they are manifestly saying and investing in on that basis inherently dysfunctional, unworthy, and violates the Divine Will-conferred rights of others, so it must be addressed in order to uphold and to affirm the Divine Will which has conferred those rights.  Not to do so would be to passively enable a dysfunctional and unworthy manifest state of existence for us all, and that's surely not Divine Will but rather an investment of Will in a spurious concept of some impossible opposite to it - and the Choice to manifest same.  And like any other basis for avoidable 'suckage', that is "absurd" and precluded by Divine Will.

So as I'd mentioned in My last, it's manifestly increasingly outrageous to encounter everyone from the T&P 'on down' investing in an "absurd" position that nobody ever wanted, cannot possibly be rationalized or justified, and that they agreed to Me not to do as a precondition for Me to Work with them.  While they and 'their' rank-and-file manifestly act on a violation of that agreement, 'the other guys' find themselves in a position of a manifest integrity deficit.

It doesn't get any better if I were to pretend that a counter-Divine Will position were acceptable; the fundamental principles of Creation were established by our shared Maker, and regardless of who or how many act on a basis in violation of those principles they remain nevertheless constants; even if everyone were to participate in 'Wile E. Coyote Syndrome', it wouldn't do a thing to prevent the inevitable resultants of going against those basic laws of metaphysics.  The T&P already understand that, and the Babylonian occultists should certainly find that readily within their ken.

Manifestly, I'm still firmly aligned with Divine Will.  'Where' anyone else has 'gone' instead would be the issue here, except that in truth there's no other position to occupy.  Quite naturally then, I'm under absolutely no obligation to recognize nor tolerate such nonexistent positions, and I'd be completely disinclined to do so even if I were.

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