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Brief summary items today, in an effort to save us all literal and symbolic time [My "house"'s context].

- Investments even in not-seriously-intended agendas are still investments of Will, resources, consciousness. Fake, implied 'death threats' are disrespectful, and their only basis for disrespect is that their manifest position isn't in the "Light". We can do so much better, and they should have been.

- It's unlawful to prosper from wrongdoing. As in, it's wrong to defraud in the first place, expose that untruth (in whole or in part) in the second, and then seek to convert that into gain... in this case, through guile. That's a double investment of effort into an agenda that certainly isn't for rightdoing.

- For as long as they're manifestly rejecting "Light", they'll by necessity be continuing to invest in "absurd" agendas and spurious logical fallacies regardless of whether or not they wholly enact them. This is because their manifest position is necessarily a metaphysical inversion of the True State of Creation - "Light". The phenomenon is much like code inversion, but this is on a metaphysical basis.

- Investments of Will, 'time', effort, concentration, and the like into this 'inverted rightdoing' invariably results in a detriment to someone... usually someone other than them, but nearly always themselves as well. Because of all the genuinely worthwhile stuff they could have been investing in instead. This isn't "Light" and this isn't "cool". And for as long as they manifestly continue to Choose it, this basis will continue to compound their manifest position of 'inverted rightdoer', and continue to invalidate the legitimacy of their authority through the resulting detriment to others and meeting the criteria of the "robber" symbol [Knights of Malta context].

- The major 'inverted rightdoing' here isn't their participation in covert organizations per se, it's their manifest Choice for the rejection of "Light" - from which, no net good can result. The freedom of Choice is theirs, but where this 'inverted rightdoing' or 'injustice' manifests, providing justice is of course only benevolent and proper. Man's law hardly convicts for rejection of "Light", but it will convict for the various resultants it produces... such as conspiracies of subversion, treason and so on. Using man's system of law to satisfy both itself and Divine law would seem to be not only rightdoing but making what is lesser serve a purpose which is greater - and certainly more vital.

- This could all be avoided if only they'd manifestly Choose, sincerely, the "Light" of Divine Will principles and their own True Nature. I continue to encourage them to do so. I've just illustrated the formula which results when they manifestly do not Choose "Light", and it hardly places them in a manifestly superior or legitimate position. And it's hardly worthy of the People to have the majority of the world's resources being invested in inferior agendas such as we've been encountering, recently being a particularly good example of this.

Pardon My brevity; while I certainly love providing the "Light" of clarity, I do find it unjust that I'm relegated to applying it to resolve these sorts of Willfully-concocted inferior agendas and logical and metaphysical fallacies when I could more ideally be applying it to increase our quality of existence rather than merely counter 'the other guys' manifest Choices to diminish it. Providing the "Light" and enhancing the quality of life for us all is the purported raison d'etre for which 'their' organization[s] purport to exist for, and most certainly is the True Nature of all the personnel involved.

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