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A quick bit to start; I notice that "triangular fidget spinners" have become the latest trend, and it's reminiscent of the "upside down pyramid" I'd mentioned. In the interim however I'd noticed that in Babylonian symbolism the only distinction for them would be the gender ascribed. Thus with the trend we find Babylonian symbolism citing a Willworking for both, referencing either a "marriage" or the idols "Inanna-Ishtar" or "Hermes". Consequently I've had to deprecate the illustration; striving diligently to maintain a clear, well-"Light"ed position distinct and distinguished from other agendas is not only something I attempt to make a standard practice of personally, it's also how My "house" functions as well. I suppose the idea of "flattening out the pyramid" would serve as a substitute, as the result is the "target", but even then you'd have a visual image which people would be likely to interpret via the Babylonian scheme and so in this situation even that isn't clear. Fortunately, as I've gained experience and familiarity with this scenario - the latest and definitely the most invested in of the various contrived scenarios of the telepaths and propheciers - I've not only learned more about the symbolism evidently being used here, but also managed to ascertain how very little if any duress the personnel involved are under. This enables Me to insist on better standards than mere code while still being fair to others, so 'what symbols and codes shall we select today' becomes among the least relevant and urgent concerns here, particularly when lapses of standards manifestly demonstrate an ongoing disinclination to sincerely Choose to align with and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature.

Which segues us nicely into the major topic du jour. It's a long clarification, and the gist is that there's been a more sophisticated agenda in which 'the other guys' have been investing their efforts, and it again falls apart when the "Light" is brought to bear upon it. In My post on the second I'd described how something was outside of acceptable standards. In My post on the eighth I'd clarified what, I was careful to state, 'appeared' to be the situation in more detail. What had I encountered in the interim to at least imply more detail? Only this.

BBC Friday Night Comedy: 'The News Quiz'
We've established that the telepaths and propheciers are and can only be the originators and controllers of the rest of 'the other guys' in the sense of an increasingly hypothetical organization, and in this was purportedly a presentation by the telepaths and propheciers, 'translated' for My understanding, of the implied approach 'the other guys' were enacting. All shot through with the by-now-usual anti-Divine Will symbolism of course, rendering it inherently non-credible, and I did take this into account and said as much when I described it as 'appearing' to be so. My inferrence had been that hopefully I could do some good for these people in the rank-and-file in the off-chance that they didn't have access to the understanding I could share by providing the "Light" of evaluation of the approach in the context of Divine Will principles. So having already rejected the implied stratagem, I provided a more complete assessment in My post of the eighth. And then, I encountered this:

BBC Friday Night Comedy: 'The News Quiz'
The implied gist, albeit through a miasma of My "house"'s 'informal', symbol-negating symbolism, lapse of standards precluding access to My "house"'s position as a basis, and plenty of anti-Divine Will symbolism and imagery, was as follows: 'A-HA! You've accepted value on an anti-Divine Will basis, Satori! We've got you now! We're... investigating this. What are you doing here? Because it looks... BAD.'

The resulting literal panic response didn't last long, and was followed up by an evaluation of the situation in the context of Divine Will principles and the True Nature of those involved. It felt a bit like a hollow clay talisman being crushed to bits in the palm. It was a scenario of deliberate 'suckage' - of course the telepaths and propheciers knew My intent the whole way through, and neither was it their True Nature to take up a position contra to Divine Will in the first place, let alone attempt some weird, 'Let's attempt to defraud you, then dispel that, and claim that you've accepted buy-in to a counter-Divine Will position for accepting supposed value there'.

Consider for a moment what we're supposed to have, and have every reasonable expectation to have. An assemblage of telepaths and propheciers upholding and affirming their alignment with Divine Will and with their True Nature. A system in which individuals, the People, are brought up understanding Divine Will principles and doing likewise. Resulting political, economic and various other systems which express and uphold these things as well. A world in which sovereignty under Divine Will is assured, upheld and reinforced, in which rights violations against someone are addressed by everyone else as a common interest. A default, assumed position of benevolence and goodwill towards each other, living vastly more satisfying and rewarding lives as we all grow collectively and individually into ever-greater alignment with Divine Will and our own True Nature until ultimately spacetime dispels retroactively, ceding way to the perfect and resplendent True State of Creation which was always the absolute truth anyway.

Contrast with the manifest scenario. There's hardly any comparison. The brunt of the disparity, nearly all in fact, would manifestly seem to be the result of the telepaths and propheciers, and the farce of 'the other guys' as their display pieces. So it's not exactly easy for them to claim a 'value-added' position when manifestly their position has been the subtraction of value from the situation. What's more, the inherent conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature of their manifest position has reduced their manifest position to non-credible and their reliability has been as certain as their allegiance to Divine Will and their own True Nature. Now add in the ongoing manifest refusal to uphold these despite My providing the People and 'the other guys' - on the off-chance they didn't already know - of Divine Will principles information. Then add their manifest emphasis on, as an alternative to upholding What Is or addressing their own manifest lapses, instead plenty of covert gyrations supposedly intended to 'entrap' Me. Assessment: 'Are you even serious?' Because it's certainly not their True Nature, let alone Divine Will, to be making Choices and investments of effort like these.

And that's the first iteration of this. Now to detail the next.

Knowing Divine Will principles - and manifestly, knowing Me - as the telepaths and propheciers do, it was a given that I would have responded just as I had: by applying Divine Will principles to the scenario, and seeing the flaws inherent in it. Sometimes, they've manifestly committed plenty of "absurdities" as if doing so intentionally to direct My attention to the fundamental truths underlying those flaws. If intentional, it manifestly wouldn't be the first time. And I've been noticing a couple of other instances recently in which they and/or 'the other guys' might have been meaning to do exactly that; to 'direct My attention' to certain truths about the situation by engineering scenarios which would compel Me to bring Divine Will principles to bear upon the situation and collapse it, exposing the flaws through application of the "Light".

Incidentally, any scenario that's manifestly functioning in opposition to Divine Will and True Nature can be 'collapsed' in this way; it's not just limited to logical constructs.

Regardless, this appears to be the implied - and invested-in - second "recursive" iteration of all this manifest agenda investment on their part. The idea that, despite it all, what they're 'really doing' is giving Me some insight, some glimmer, of their True Nature amidst all the flotsam and jetsam of "absurdity". And that since I know Is from Isn't, it's those truths which I should quite naturally focus on and emphasize.

Which might be all well and good, but then I'd be accepting "Gemini" counterfeits, "recursion", and all manner of "absurd" positions simply because I 'knew what was -really- intended, of course' and in scoffing away at all the manifest transgressions against Divine Will, rights and True Nature I'd be opting into it Myself.

The telepaths and propheciers have acquainted Me more than once with a metaphysical / organizational strategy currently in practice - I'd assume by the Babylonians if I had to guess - that those in authority positions are required to keep their mental focus on the objective they want manifested, while the entire rest of the organization works to manifest it. Thus, the authority figure would be expected to 'select for' content which depicted the object of their ambitions, and disregard all manner of other interpretations and meanings which would be inconsistent with their Will.

Which might be all well and good, but it does run afoul of Divine Will when the objective is Divine Will and True Nature. You know, those absolute and fundamental principles and precepts which already are so, eternally, in the True State of Creation. Because low magick strives to apply Will to manifest results, but when it comes to Divine Will, to high magick, to say that the Will of our Creator manifests... eventually... as the result of the cloud of a crowd of Willworkers rather than having always been true for all time and indeed outside of time is to cite a duality which does not exist, and which is inherently disrespectful to the authority figure and to the Creator, the original authority figure.

It also flubs when confronted with True Nature: If there was no basis for any of this to ever have happened the way it manifestly has in the first place, then no fervent acts of Willworking are required to overcome counterforce which nobody ever had reason to apply in the first place.

So this implication, too, crumbles to bits when the "Light" is brought to bear upon it. Instead, we're left with counterfeitism at the expense of the genuine article - not to mention the genuine authorities - and with a systematic agendar to reject Divine Will and True Nature which imples that it's actually the Choice for them.

I say 'implies' of course because they're still clearly displaying anti-Divine Will imagery and symbolism. To their credit, they're at least being clear about it in that sense. Credit where it's due - though it's surely not enough to offset the debt which is also due, and for which there's no reason in the first place.

So as stated, a manifest ongoing refusal to 'get real' by the telepaths and propheciers and 'their' rank-and-file, and some 'doubling down' with "recursion" and so forth. Take notice, whether 'covered by' the supposedly invalidating effects of anti-Divine Will symbolism and imagery or not [those are actually Not Good Things themselves, as I've mentioned before], the effort and investment into at least -implying- all these strategies is a redirection of Will, attention, and other resources to these implied efforts where it otherwise would have been available for investment in aligning with Divine Will, True Nature and the Divine Will-aligned authority figure[s] present. So it's sort of a case of 'robbing Peter to pay Paul', and the result comes with its own kharmic liabilities. That being the case, it becomes My duty to make sure to notify them of that fact and to object to this manifestly ongoing rejection of Divine Will and True Nature not only on the basis of the detriments their agendas cause Myself, and to others, but also to them as Choose it. We all deserve better; even them. So I'm again making sure to clearly distinguish My position from that.

Incidentally, this scenario appears to demonstrate a distinction between two different types of "eating" symbolism used by 'the other guys', one superficial and the other more fundamental.  The superficial bit would refer to accepting value and therefore being told they're beholden for so doing.  The more profound version would appear to more closely approximate the Judeo-Christian usage of the symbol: meaning 'to internalize some information', 'to incorporate something into your belief system'.  For example, I couldn't fundamentally incorporate the behavior of 'the other guys' into My belief system because it My understanding of their True Nature was already there and would not be displaced.  It doesn't somehow legitimize behavior that's in blatant conflict with their True Nature, it just means that I can see it clearly for the "absurdity" that it is and how insincerely-motivated it is.  We all have it heavily-implied to us how 'the other guys' sell out for money or power or what-have-you, but then you're just arguing valid, sincere reasons for 'suckage' which is in direct conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  And in truth, there isn't any.

That's why this scenario has manifest been so thoroughly "absurd".  Only for about the last few thousands of years or so.

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