Re: ‘Haggling’

Regarding that 'refreshing' bit of finding 'the other guys' behaving closer to their own True Nature, albeit unacceptably nonetheless, that I'd mentioned in My last, I've encountered some more data which better identifies the motif and thus the Choice on their part.

It's essentially the same motif that I'd been encountering from the telepaths and propheciers.  A "gold/green/gold" motif, a sort of double-inversion of their True Nature.  That is, an implied Choice to act in alignment with My Divine Will-derived authority, with plenty of gladhanding combined with a lot of 'backhanded compliment'-variety disrespect, grotesquery and so forth on a systematic basis.  So it's the appearance of allegiance and loyalty to an intentionally limited extent, and the "static" of deliberate lapses of standards thrown in.  It's all done on an anti-Divine Will basis, yet the identifiers of this deliberate and Willful Choice become few and far between - just frequent enough to provoke irritation and a sort of mild outrage, but presented in a sort of covert, passive-aggressive manner.

As I'd been approached by the telepaths and propheciers and thus shortcutted past the most of their various anti-Divine Will layers of code and agendas, when I encountered this from them I'd lacked the context at first to ascertain that this was a deliberate Choice on their part and generously ascribed it instead to manifest human imperfection or errors of communication.  Eventually it became systematic enough that I couldn't help but notice that it was intentional, but since there didn't appear to be any reason for there to be a sincere motive on their part for this I couldn't rule out duress of some kind.  Experience, deduction and the application of Divine Will principles has shown me that duress is not applicable, and that this is simply a Willful Choice to reject Divine Will and the derived standards of My "house" - which they'd agreed to uphold from the onset as a precondition to Working with Me - and thus I had to deem it an unacceptable rejection of both and refuse to Work with them on that basis.  I must also make the same determination here with regard to 'their' rank-and-file.

It's been implied that by employing these sort of half-measures 'the other guys' hoped to sort of 'pacify' Me into tolerating the interim scenario in which they hadn't struck an accord with Me, and yet they still rampantly Chose a basis of ongoing and Willful conflict against Divine Will and the violation of rights.  It was implied that My reasoning was anticipated to be that, 'Some improvement is better than no improvement, and so at least this is more comfortable and therefore it's tolerable.'  Not only is that not My conclusion - when as I'd stated we have every reason to find 'the other guys' Choosing in alignment with Divine Will and My authority on that basis with sincere and complete devotion, this 'improvement' in comparison to their various other recent approaches is not a 'gain' but still a 'theft' of value, sincerity, loyalty and resulting quality of life - such a premise on their part isn't even something they sincerely hold dear themselves.  It's an untrue basis, simply another spurious "non sequitor" arising from their manifest Choice to behave on a basis in rejection of their own True Nature and the Divine Will from which it derives.

To clarify then, we have:

  • Their sincere Divine Will-aligned, True Nature-aligned basis,
  • Their manifest spurious, insincere counter-Divine Will, True Nature-occluding basis for no valid reason whatsoever,

and then layered on top of that

  • A veneer of loyalty and sincerity to My authority and Divine Will

That would be the "gold/green/gold".  I suppose I shall have to find some other means of referencing it, now that I've become more familiar with 'the other guys' symbolism as used on various spurious layers, to keep My position clear by averting from elemental symbolism which could be misunderstood.

As that last layer chips away to show the middle layer, it often reaffirms in the mentality of the target that what 'the other guys' really want, despite untrue claims of loyalty to a Divine Will-aligned basis, is a counter-Divine Will basis.  This can be more than a little unsettling, except in cases in which the 'target' knows full well better and is going by a system of Absolute, Divine Will, True State of Creation reckoning instead of something temporal, subjective and predicated upon their manifest experiences only.  As I've shown, I reckon by Divine Will principles and so this attempt (and its accompanying attempt at fraud and resulting Choice for "time" twice over) was of course ineffective ab initio and those enacting it were quite aware of this when they commenced it.

But then, the attempt to defraud or present untruths was never sincerely part of their True Nature either.  So we have this international, Divine Will-insolvent collective of people behaving in more or less complete loyalty to an counter-Divine Will basis which they don't truly desire, and for Absolutely no valid reason.  Necessarily then, it has been only churning out one 'lost cause' agenda after another at the expense of the things that truly matter: Divine Will and their own True Nature.

The resulting 'robbery' of their devotion to Divine Will and their own True Nature in order to invest in manifesting agendas for a 'counterfeit' basis of authority has necessarily resulted in an international agenda for 'suckage' and kharmic liability for millennia, at least in this revision of the temporal sequence.  As stated, that's very 'Wonderland', a very "absurd" Choice.

Indeed, the telepaths and propheciers have resorted to using a symbol which references, er, a deficiency of mental health.  I'm aware of various implied meanings of that symbol, for example in a political or a metaphysical context, but instead they seem to be directing attention to the notion that they 'simply don't know better' - that their model of how things should be is genuinely inaccurate - when of course Divine Will principles and basic deduction based on them clearly indicate that they do of course know full well better.

Thus, this has evidently been just another unacceptable investment in the manifestation of "time", yet another "dark orbit" position by virtue of it being the Choice to reject "Light".  Doubly so, if you count the layers of the Choice and positionality - the first to reject it, then another rejection of it by presenting it as nevertheless being a Choice to misrepresent it as the Choice for Divine Will and Divine Will-derived authority.

In comparison with what we have every right to reasonably expect - people simply Choosing sincerely to align with Divine Will and Divine Will-derived authority, and uphold the rights and their own True Nature conferred by that, these scenarios I've manifestly been encountering instead have paled by comparison and represent an absence of value, of sincerity, of quality of life, where there of course should be plenty of it.  And for no valid basis whatsoever.

I could hardly find this acceptable, and it's certainly not in accordance with either sincerity nor minimum standards.  Therefore, I thought it helpful to clarify this scenario for the People - surely 'the other guys' were aware of it already - as well as state openly and clearly that I cannot accept that.

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