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First, the usual restatement of My position: Divine Will-aligned. This comes in response to implied concerns, or an implied strategy by 'the other guys' to cause needless concerns, regarding My Choice of position with respect to Divine Will. All supposedly negated by anti-Divine Will symbolism on their part of course, but again since per Divine Will those kinds of positions belong 'never' and 'nowhere' even the off chance of their efforts in that direction should be clarified. And of course since we've now established that the collective of telepaths and propheciers lead 'the other guys'' franchises, My Chosen position of Divine Will alignment is something they know quite well. And it's against their True Nature to raise issues or concerns which they know to be pointless, but that manifestly appears - contrary to Divine Will - to be where they continue to Choose to be at. So, a bit of clarification never hurts regardless.

The whole premise and concept of anti-Divine Will symbolism, particularly as a basis for living and behaving, is of course "absurd". Something like that shouldn't even exist as manifest in the first place, and I can't think how a Divine Will-aligned authority could possibly approve it.

Next, there's concern about the possibility of a literal partial U.S. federal government shutdown and the propensity for a resulting failure of 'food stamps' to re-up, as early as next month. Should this happen a great many of the People will be disaccommodated, Myself included - as I've had to seek a living without subsidizing and therefore enjoining treason, subversion and a plethora of other unconscionable things done to civilians including literal women and children internationally. Since the law, and fairness, do not require the impossible I've been compelled to rely upon them. As such a lapse in this program - particularly without a functioning overt justice system to restore the economy and sound governance manifestly usurped by 'the other guys' - would not be in 'the other guys' favor. I wanted not only to provide them with that information ahead of time to enable them to enable them to avert that scenario, I also wanted to directly forbid it via My superior Divine Will-aligned authority. 'Their' whole forfeit organization shouldn't manifestly continue to function given their Divine Will insolvency, and especially so on this matter.

Next, there has been no small amount of covert chatter [on an anti-Divine Will basis as usual] about 'the other guys' feigning a more intimidating approach with regard to Myself. I'm delighted to be able to report that beyond what appears to be a few minor bits of harassment from the telepaths and propheciers this hasn't been the case yet, but I wanted to save them literal and symbolic "time" and kharma as well by leting them know in advance that I already find it unconvincing. Their True Nature remains a constant, and we've already established that they're headed by the collective of telepaths and propheciers - the same collective which covertly 'taught' Me Divine Will principles, knows them quite well themselves, and therefore can only be desirous of them. As usual there's not a reason in the world or anywhere else to refuse to align with, affirm, and uphold Divine Will.

Next, there are credible reports that 'the other guys' intend to have literal U.S. 'nukes' either absconded with or purportedly absconded with at the 'Incirlik Air Base'. This could include their removal, professed 'seizure' by another quasi-state under the globalists, or similar or a pretense of similar. I wanted to alert 'the other guys' clearly, in advance and in no uncertain terms that such acts would be in direct conflict with My authority - evidently the only Divine Will-aligned authority present in this situation. And as with so many other manifest geopolitical reports to the People, it seems likely that what would result from such action would not be 'the clear "Light" of truth' to the People. This of course would be objectionable to My authority if only for that reason alone.

Indeed, it's quite unacceptable to have the various geopolitical maneuverings in place - as they have been, as they currently are, and as they presumably would continue if I did not protest them - as agendas in direct conflict with 'the clear "Light of truth', the directive to align with "Light" as I have repeatedly given it, and the violations of Divinely-conferred rights which invariably result whenever globalism is sought and efforts for it are invested in. It's quite inappropriate and unacceptable to have manuevers for globalism - even the supposedly nationalistically-distinct variety currently being arranged - continue, business-as-usual, while 'the other guys' manifestly have Divine Will-insolvency and such globalism is a direct affront to someone like Myself who retains a Divine Will alignment. Such efforts - and such rejections of 'the clear "Light" of truth' to the People - are directly countermanded by My Divine Will-aligned authority even while I still remain dissociate from 'the other guys'' manifestly Divine Will-insolvent position. I remain eager to have them Choose to realign their manifest position with Divine Will, and until they do the ongoing efforts to emplace a globalized system in abject conflict with Divine Will is particularly inappropriate and per My duty to Divine Will I must object.

I additionally wanted to remind them of something that should prevent them from expending needless effort. I'm not sure how to put this. They've implied - and implied on their manifestly ongoing anti-Divine Will basis no less - that they've been doing a repeat of their semi-recent 'personnel loyalty guaranteeing maneuvers' as part of a planned transfer of acknowledged authority to Me. This entails a "Gemini" presentation of two options [loyalty to one thing, or to another] which is used to maneuver the People in ways which will get those making the 'wrong' Choice caught up in something unpleasant and undesirable. This, so the logic goes, compels the People to Choose 'the right thing'.

Choosing in accordance with Divine Will and our True Nature is nearly always desirable and when it doesn't appear to be, it's as the result of a misunderstanding or misperception on our part. As such, no forceful "reinforcement" as 'the other guys' have evidently been practicing it is presumably necessary, and what's more "Gemini" is a rejection of Divine Will as I've already demonstrated as well. So an approach as they've implied would certainly be unnecessary. I know, I know, it's just been 'implied' rather than stated. Nevertheless, clarification is often helpful.

Of course I present that knowing the same reasoning could be applied with My own metaphysical efforts for justice and the upholding of rights: No force or compulsion is necessary to 'make' the People Choose Divine Will; it's their True Nature for pete's sake. And I have every confidence that they will indeed Choose it, as will the telepaths and propheciers and everyone in between, with the Choice manifesting retroactively. In the interim however, I'm evidently left with the current manifest scenario through no fault of My own and am left to Choose and uphold Divine Will, including Divine Will-conferred rights, to the best of My ability.

I do 'hope' the information which I've presented has helped to provide a better understanding.

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