Re: Will fulfillment

I learned something interesting and relevant at church today. Thought I'd share it with you.

This was the 'sermon'. Don't feel obliged to watch it, I'm only sharing it for reference purposes if necessary.

I first noticed how inexpert the presentation was overtly. Then I started to notice some of the symbolism and realized we appeared to have yet another Babylonian-aligned personnel putting out Babylonian-aligned agendas covertly, there, in church, in a place and on a day reserved for our Creator. To say this dissatisfied Me would be putting it mildly.

And then I noticed the elemental symbolism inherent in her presentation. That is, one of the 'four' elements that isn't air, earth or water.

As I watched her, presenting this superficially Creator-oriented material which was overtly lackluster at best and covertly reprehensible, I reasoned thusly:

'This is so against their True Nature. In fact it's a rejection of their True Nature, and of Divine Will. And that's the format we keep encountering from them: symbolism and imagery referencing either an anti-Divine Will Choice and position, or that elemental symbolism - the very opposite of "life", "creation" and "growth" - or both.

So as ever I assessed this in the context of Divine Will principles to reduce the situation to something relevant in an Absolute rather than a temporal sense.

'Per Divine Will there's a time and a place for everything: for the Choice to reject Divine Will, that would be 'never' and 'nowhere'. So we have 'the other guys' manifestly adopting symbolism and imagery that, per Divine Will and their own True Nature, belongs 'never' and 'nowhere', and we also have the elemental symbolism referencing, er, the opposite of "creation", "life", and "growth". Interesting.

'What is this, on a Willworking basis? It's the Choice for a position that's nonexistant in an Absolute sense. The Choice for nonexistence. An ongoing, millenia-long collective investment of Will into manifesting their own nonexistence.'

Which is certainly corroborated by their True Nature, inasmuch as if they were living by their own True Nature they would posit no basis for such a position and as I've already stated, Work with Me to affirm and manifest Divine Will and ensure that such "absurd" Choices were right where they belonged: 'never' and 'nowhere'.

The Choice for, er, the opposite of their own lives.

Both of those bases represented by their symbolism and imagery are of course an interesting and novel "foundation" for any "building". Imagine, a "tower" built not on earth, nor air, nor water, but rather that other element as its "foundation". Hardly idyllic living, surely.

So it seems odd that 'the other guys' should protest My efforts to uphold and affirm Divine Will to the exclusion of "absurd" positions which are nonexistent by Absolute reckoning. Rather, it would seem to be "Will fulfillment" on My part of their own Choice, routed through Divine Will to ensure a manifestation of complete and perfect fairness. [Which by the way isn't something I'm aware is possible to achieve using a direct temporal approach here. Innocents would presumably be affected, which is hardly fair.]

So when people manifestly Will their own, er, opposite of life, growth and creation and someone applies in addition their own Will to grant their abundantly manifest desire, is this not "Will fulfillment"? It would seem to be, yes. Granting peoples' Wills. Such a noble and benevolent cause.

And what basis would they have to protest this? As the 'sermon' I encountered today would seem to demonstrate, only a spurious, "absurd" and non-credible basis. Which is what I've manifestly - and unfairly - been encountering from them. Because of course it's not the basis I Choose. Why should I be detrimented by it, particularly when by Divine Will it shouldn't even be Chosen or manifest in the first place?

Beyond Will fulfillment, I additionally offer these people something even better. Something Divine, in fact.

It's rather easy, actually. Easy when you know that their manifest agenda, their manifest Will, is not their True Will because it's inconsistent with their True Nature and with Divine Will.

Their True Will of course is in alignment with both. It's the Choice for both, and the Choice to live in alignment with both. The Restoration of the True State of Creation.

It's incomparably better than their current and ongoing Willworking, that for an "absurd" anti-Divine Will, anti-existence basis and manifestation. But I can only offer it; I cannot force them to accept what they manifestly Choose not to accept. Thus, when they reject Divine Will I can only fulfill the Willworking that they do, by their own manifest basis, symbolism, lifestyles and behavior, demonstrate their own Willingness to accept.

Because, as I've stated before, it's Divine Will or nothing. Those are the 'options', such as they are. That's a basic fundamental metaphysical and spiritual principle, not just something I pulled out the side of My neck.

Either way, I aid them in manifesting what they desire. Whether they accept what they Truly desire, their True Will, or instead some utterly superficial and "absurd" substitute is a Choice I can attempt to counsel them on, but not a Choice I can make on their behalf.

I do 'hope' this helps to clarify the Divine Will principles manifestly in place here. And I notice, officially and for the record, that all their implied protests - as well as the entire basis of their manifest agenda for thousands of years in this particular revision of this temporal sequence - is founded on an "absurd" and non-credible position.

As for their True Nature, despite their manifest behavior I know it already. I just haven't manifestly encountered it anywhere near as much as I would like, because the True Nature of everyone is Divinely-imbued and worthy of us all.

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