Re: An implied “Reformulation”

Been getting intimations - all covert under anti-Divine Will symbolism apparently - that 'the other guys' are seeking modifications of various known agendas and perhaps a significant internal redo of their org chart and seeking a permanent merger with Me on that basis. I'm not clear on the details and there's also been a bit of a "Gemini", messages-read-two-different-ways approach by them. As it's all been covert and under anti-Divine Will symbolism it's non-credible, but I suppose a response would be the considerate thing to do.

Superficial rearrangements no matter how drastic aren't going to be sufficient, because the organizations' legitimacy and validity of authority has been manifestly compromised by a long manifest trend of anti-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis. Alignment with Divine Will and True Nature are the basic standards, and without a restoration on a retroactive basis I'm unaware of a means for that organization to recover what it has forfeited yonks ago and continued to forfeit in an ongoing pattern of rights violations.

That doesn't mean that peaceful resolution isn't possible. Certainly, the organization may be invalid but the People themselves are salvageable. Redeemable. All it takes is the Choice to do so, in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature, and acting in accordance with that. We even find that with the collective of telepaths and propheciers as their current parent group this is even more feasible. And that doing so on that level would enable the obvious retroactive restoration of Divine Will and True Nature alignment that everyone presumably wants.

So what we'd be assessing would presumably be a recognition of a Divine Will-aligned authority figure upholding True Nature, such as Myself, as the authority for the assemblage of these individuals presently organized into this stack of principal groups, individuals and franchises. As part of this, a vital element would be to ensure the org chart of authorities was free of those professing an anti-Divine Will basis, or that they'd repend, cease and desist of that basis... for good. Anyone doesn't, and they'd be out. Subgroups that don't eject them, they're out.

We'd presumably have the constituent subgroups among 'the other guys' entering into a "Union" founded upon Divine Will principles and an alignment to uphold and affirm True Nature as well, as the prerequisite for entry. An NWO 2.0 would cease to be necessary, because the basis and therefore the objectives will have been corrected and thus so would the mode of behavior and the various agendas. When we recognize Divine Will at the "center" and everything else results from that, the results automatically become more worthy and vastly more desirable.

By this juncture in history many localized regional groups will of course have already amalgamated into 'the other guys' proper, and lost their individual identities as groups in their own right. They could be restored, or independent replacement groups could be formed. States of the "Union", so to speak, with the same prerequisites for entry and continued membership. A basic Divine Will standard internationally, the rejection of which would validate recognition of members among the "Union" of a rogue status on their part. You know, the sort of thing the literal United Nations was supposed to be rather than what it manifestly behaved as.

"Marriage" would be deprecated, as well as insufficient. At present it appears to be used to establish a permanent opt-in to something which has manifestly been knowingly, Willfully, systematically and avoidably acting in violation of both Divine Will principles and True Nature. This of course is "absurd", as contracts are voided automatically when one or more of the parties goes into "outlawry". Overtly, if you were in a contract to commit a crime or do something otherwise unconscionable and later you correlated it against Divine Will and found, 'Aha! This is no good. It's in conflict with Divine Will. I can't do this.' there would be no requirement of law to break the law, and no requirement of Divine Will to violate Divine Will. Pretty simple. Thus, "marriage" come alignment with or conflict with Divine Will for example is a flawed basis. Instead, we are aligned with each other through our mutual alignment with Divine Will and a lapse of one is necessarily a lapse of the other - when it isn't, our alliances are inherently flawed and Choices for something fundamentally unworthy. And rights-violating in some way, typically.

At present of course we don't have any such collaboration, just a manifest scenario tangibly and immensely out of alignment with Divine Will and True Nature both. And Divine Will - not to mention common sense - precludes having unity on a basis which isn't the Choice to recognize, uphold and manifest Divine Will and True Nature as the primary and the absolute priority.

Nor does anyone Truly want to, meaning accepting unity on any lesser basis would be to accept it on not only an invalid but also a non-credible basis. And that would just be silly.

I trust this helps to clarify the matter. With the telepaths and propheciers aware of My basis and evidently the recognized authority figures among 'the other guys', it's only the intermediary personnel who may need the clarification and I'm certainly Willing to provide it.

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