Staying with Divine Will, thanks.

Goodness.  This is certainly a worthier and more comfortable experience than a text file.

I've been noticing a recent covertly-implied trend from 'the other guys' to seek to get Me to accept an anti-Divine Will position with regard to My metaphysical efforts to align My Will with Divine Will and in doing so uphold justice and rights for all.  That is, a seeming trend on their part to attempt to shift the 'angle' and recontextualize My efforts for something positive into something less than righteous.  I'll pass, thanks.

And as I encounter yet another prevalent investment of their Will and attention into seeking yet another anti-Divine Will effort, I'd like to direct My attention and that of My readers to the absolute fact that such efforts on their part are not indicative of their True Nature.  By contrast their True Nature would be to uphold, serve and reinforce principles of Divine Will much as I do.  In such a very reasonable scenario there would have been no significant conflict of manifest positionalities.

It's good to keep their True Nature in focus, because it's important to remember - and to Will to affirm - them as they truly are.  Even as we encounter various implied positionalities and investments which would appear to gainsay that.

Credit where it's due, the disparity has made it clearer what their criteria for evaluation seem to be here.  Although how we have a manifest sequence of events replete with behavior that seems to have been in abject conflict with those criteria and full of many unspeakable applications of force by them is no clearer to Me.  Probably because per Divine Will principles and their own True Nature it was never supposed to happen in the first place.

We have a similar dynamic happening in the literal United States when courts, which are required to be in a common law venue and under the authority of We, the People via the parameters We've ordained and established, are staffed by public officers who work instead on the basis of a different venue of law and increasingly tell those in their court that they 'Will not hear of the Constitution' in 'their' courtroom.

The parallel here is thus: We have a valid and legitimate system which came first.  Another system is adopted by others and they work and live based upon its model.  But as the model itself isn't legitimate and is in conflict with the prior model which still is, we just have rogue behavior and it's termed in overt law 'making war against the Constitution', also referred to as 'treason'.  No small matter, that.

Essentially the same concern I've been encountering with regard to the manifestly anti-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position encountered in the manifest behavior of 'the other guys', including the collective of telepaths and propheciers.  When the legitimate system is "Light" and Divine Will principles... what of those manifestly investing in agendas purporting to operate on some other basis?  And acting in conflict with the Divine Will basis?  There's the only major manifest problem to My estimation: The ongoing Choice to reject the "Light" of Divine Will and True Nature.  Everything else just seems to have been a resultant of that.

To continue the common law parallel, 'the law does not require that which is impossible'.  It appears to be feasible with enough effort and literal time to take 'the other guys' sans the telepaths and propheciers into overt court over this - in the "absurd" and unlikely scenario that they're still on that basis when doing so becomes feasible.  But overt courts are not equipped to effectively adjudicate the telepaths and propheciers.  Divine Will principles and the Will in alignment with it are, however.  What a boon to the People, and to anyone Choosing a "Light"-based position and seeking to uphold basic rights and principles; it's the metaphysical equivalent of the state 'militias' in common law and serves much the same purpose.  When aligned with "Light" the People can Work collectively extremely well on a basis of shared principles, whether directly or through acts of pure Will.  When not aligned with "Light", the hypocrisy of their manifest position prevents them from having comparable metaphysical 'oomph'.  Justice enforceable by the People, via appeals to Divine Will.  What a boon to the People.

The parallel with the overt common law 'militia's' purpose has been understood for a while, and even symbolically referenced as such.  In the present circumstances that symbolism has been deprecated, given the unacceptably anti-Divine Will implications of some of the component symbolism within the context of 'militia'; particularly an elemental symbol and references to "vitality" or the absence thereof.  So understand I'm making an overt parallel only here to facilitate clarity, hence the single-quotes to make that plain.

Just as 'An act done by me against my will is not my act' - another maxim of common law - to he that does have the ability to act, including the knowledge, freedom and alternative options, a greater measure of kharmic liability would seem to accrue to them for Willful, knowing and avoidable Choices in conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  As such, a significantly greater proportion of kharmic liability accrues to the principals of what becomes an increasingly hypothetical organizing premise of 'the other guys' - in truth, they've just manifestly been servants of Divine Will who've just been demonstrating a sequence of drastic errors in that regard, as depicted extremely well by the symbolism of "spastic-ness" - and as we've so recently reaffirmed, the principals in this errant mode of theirs would appear to be the collective of telepaths and principals organizing the rest of it.  And manifestly enacting My Will and Divine Will extremely poorly in the process.  Not to mention their own Will, if we're to account their True Nature into the formula.  Yes, let's.

So for whatever "absurd" span of manifest 'time' the telepaths and propheciers continue on this basis, it's at least encouraging to know that the People have the means to uphold Divine Will principles not only overtly and covertly, but via metaphysical acts of Will collectively.

I understand that the Babylonians are likely to misinterpret that as a position of group-identification with them, simply on the basis of metaphysical efforts.  Nope.  Our standard isn't simply Willworking, but Divine Will-aligned Willworking.  Quite the distinction.  'Their' personnel could adopt that better standard themselves - the organization's manifestly invalid but the personnel are still recoverable - they just manifestly haven't.  As very effectively ascertained by recalling that an organization's only as gleaming as its least Divine Will-aligned franchises and efforts.

So I again encourage 'the other guys' - as if it were necessary! - to Choose "Light".  As anything less is "absurd", and anything "absurd" is necessarily less.  In an absolute sense, there's only "Light".

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